KOK Audio WMU-620 Karaoke Microphone System

KOK Audio

PLL Automatic Selection Wireless Microphone System is specially designed for daily use under harsh environment.  A full range of single channel and dual channel models available.  The sound quality is perfect.  It has a flat frequency response is 40Hz - 18 KHz range of frequency response.  Efficient and reliable radio frequency performance, can transmit stable audio carrier signal more than 100 meters visual range.  Appliance to all kinds of stage, suitable for small clubs, but small clubs, but also for large concerts, theaters, and etc.

  • Using UHF band, PLL circuit, stable characteristics, low spurious emission.
  • Frequency grouping design and user could set and store one group frequency, and preset multiple groups of compatible frequency.
  • True diversity: adopts double mute control (sound code and noise lock)
  • Replaceable microphone head function: separated mic head module structure
  • LCD display
  • 4 levels adjustable gain function for body jack transmitter
  • Standard TNC antenna socket
  • Frequency search automatically
  • Automatic IR frequency Syn function


  • Receiving Channel: Single channel, Dual channels
  • Carrier Wave Frequency Range: 470-932 MHz depending on the region
  • Oscillation Mode: PLL Phase-locked frequency synthesizer
  • Receiving Frequency Step: 25 KHz, depending on the region
  • Receiving frequencies Sensitivity: input 6dBµV, S/N < 80dB
  • Working range: straight line distance 100 meters.  Note: actual range depend on RF signal absorption, reflection and interference.
  • Mute control mode: Sound code and noise lock
  • Frequency Response: 40 Hz - 18 KHz (± 3dB)
  • Comprehensive T.H.D.: ≤0.5% @ 1 Khz
  • Panel display: OLCD
  • Dimension (mm): 205 (L) x 43 (H) x 169 (D) / 410 (L) x 44 (H) x 210 (D)
  • Weight: Single channel: 2.86 lbs, Dual channels: 4.40 lbs

Wireless Handheld Microphone

  • Oscillation Mode: PLL phase-locked frequency synthesizer
  • Carrier Wave Frequency range: 470 - 932 MHz, depending on the region
  • Cartridge Gain: Fixed gain
  • Transmit Power: 30 mW or 10 mW switchable
  • Current Drain: Standard < 130 mA
  • Display: LCD
  • Cartridge type: Module dynamic cardioid cartridge

Bodypack transmitter

  • Oscillation Mode: PLL phase-locked frequency synthesizer
  • Carrier Wave Frequency Range: 470 - 932 MHz, depending on the region
  • Pick up gain: 0 dB, -10 dB, -20 dB, -30 dB Four phase gain
  • Transmitter Power: 10mW
  • Current Drain: Standard < 130 mA
  • Display method: LCD
  • Pickup type: Cardioid condenser cartridge

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